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1992 was my first visit to Greece and I intended to make some sketches of its historic sites. Back then there were few people at those historic sites and time was on my side to sit and sketch. That was the unhurried pace of life in Greece that I grew to love.

Sketching was not permitted at those historic sites, however taking photographs was allowed at those same sites. In 1992 my camera was bulky and the films were very expensive and their processing was even more costly.

Later I learned that nothing is permitted but most things are allowed to be the Greek paradox.

Today mass tourism brings people by the coach-load to those ancient sites. Crowds form at the iconic photographic hot-spots. Here they turn their back to the site and snap their selfie only to race on to the next hot-spot for yet another selfie before swarming back onto their coaches. People no longer stand and study what's there to be seen: it's just another photo opportunity.

Since 1992 I have been very fortunate in seeing and experiencing much of the world. My travels are recorded as a comprehensive photo-journal which in today's digital world is so very cheap and simple. I use that journal as the inspiration to make my art.

From The Miscellaneous Collection: 20 x 60 cm acrylics on canvas. A Caribbean beach holiday, Antigua 2011. ©PK 2016

Ancient sites have been studied and painted by artists' since the beginning of time and their paintings can be marvelled at in any museum. I have no desire to add to that pool of sameness.

Away from the tourists there are numerous old sites simply crumbling away and tomorrow they will be gone. Here there are no people in the way just fences and vegetation concealing tantalizing glimpses of the past. They may never have attracted any artist. This is the starting point for my original art.

This page gives you an idea of what my art is about. That art is patiently handcrafted on canvas using acrylic paints and acrylic inks.

The art critics have described my art as having a unique brand, or artistic style. In their words it's art cut down to its beautiful essence.

From The Buildings Collection: 40 x 50 cm acrylics on canvas. A Caribbean Cruise 2010, St Johns Antigua, an old, abandoned, back street kiosk. ©PK 2016

My paintings?

The starting point is 2008. Paintings are arranged in rows across the page with the most recent at the top left and the oldest is found ito the bottom right. Each painting has a story behind it. Most of those stories can be found in my blog.

Today my paintings are grouped by themes forming a retrospective exhibition arranged in five separate gallery pages: Buildings, Doors, Abstracts, Miscellaneous & Illustrations

The New Art page?

This showcases my most recently signed & catalogued work of art.

From The Miscellaneous Collection: 50 x 40 cm acrylics on canvas. A Sunset on the Greek Island of Syros 2013. ©PK 2016

The About Me page?

It explains why I use only the world's finest professional acrylic paints and acrylic inks, why my art is based on my photographic library and why I now paint in my art studio only.

The News page?

A monthly update about me as an artist and my art.


Thebe, the ancient Egyptian cat. From The Illustrations Collection: A4 paper, acrylic inks on paper. ©PK 2016

Blog page?

Here I write about my art and the world of art. It's about my art materials & my tools. It's about my painting technique & the stories behind many of my paintings.

From The Abstract Collection: 50 x 40 cm acrylics on canvas. The abstract version of the Syros sunset. ©PK 2016

Copyright & Piracy? 

A gentle reminder of what you can or cannot do with my art. 

From The Door Collection: 37 x 24 cm acrylics on a board. A Greek door in a distant abandoned mainland  mountain village. ©PK 2016

To  contact me?

An email link can be found on each page. Your feedback and comment is always appreciated. Your privacy & confidentiality will be respected by me at all times. You are not signing up to any newsletter.

Today I've had the great pleasure in sharing my art with you. And I thank you for your time visiting my website.

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