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Let me show you some of the world through my art. My art is patiently hand crafted on canvas using acrylic paints and acrylic inks. The art critics have described my unique style as: art cut down to its essence. This page can only give a brief introduction to me and my art.

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From: The Building Collection: 40 x 50 cm A back-street St John's Antigua 2010. Such grandeur for a simple kiosk and still my favourite painting.

The world has impressive must-do tourist attractions which are always crowded. People with their digital cameras flocking to the photographic hot-spots and it's always a tussle. All those infuriating panoramic videos slowly being made of a static object! The only alternative is an expensive copyright protected souvenir postcard or two.

Today no artist could ever get to sketch from those hot-spots let alone be allowed to sit and paint from them. Attractions like these have been painted by a plethora of artists' since the beginning of time and I do not wish to add to this pool of sameness.

Away from that hectic world there are other sites simply crumbling away and they will be gone come tomorrow. Here there are no people in the way just fences and vegetation concealing tantalizing glimpses of the past. This is just the starting point for my original art.


From The Miscellaneous Collection: 20 x 60 cm A beach holiday Antigua 2011. It just had to be painted the light, the colour, the pattern.

The Collection pages: Buildings, Doors, Abstracts  & Miscellaneous represent a themed retrospective exhibition of my art. My paintings are arranged in rows across the page. The most recent painting is located top left and the oldest painting is located bottom right.

Each painting has a story behind it and most of those stories can be found here on this website in my Phil Kendall blogs.

The New Art page: showcases my latest signed & catalogued work of art. Clicking on it will also reveal any current work of art still evolving on the easel.


From The Miscellaneous Collection: 50 x 40 cm Greek Island Syros Sunset 2013.

The About Phil Kendall page: explains why I use only the world's finest professional acrylic paints and acrylic inks, why my art is based on my personal photographic library and why I now paint in my art studio only.

Contact by Email page: is a place for you leave me a message. Your feedback is always appreciated and your confidentiality is assured at all times.

The News page: gives the occasional personal update or highlights any pending or recent changes to this website.

Phil Kendall Blogs: is where I write at length about my art and the world of art. It's about my art materials & my tools. It's about my painting technique. Here you will also find the inspirations & the stories behind many of my paintings. You are invited to add your comments here also.


From The Abstract Collection: 40 x 30 cm Clove: Nineveh to Ophir an abstract 2009. Inspired by a childhood poem by John Mansfield.

Copyright & Piracy: this is a gentle reminder of what can or cannot be done with my art and the content of my website.


From The Door Collection: 37 x 24 cm A Greek door in a distant abandoned mainland  mountain village.

This website was introduced in 2008 as: The Art Studio of Meltemi launching me and my art to the world outside my art studio. It also sold it world-wide until 2013 when it was time to retire to a simpler life as an artist.

That website as was renamed in 2013 as The Art of Phil Kendall giving me the pleasure of sharing my art with you. Email

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